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Refurbished Mobile Phones in United States

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  • Refurbished smartphones are devices that were owned by someone else earlier.
  • These smartphones come with a reseller warranty and are in perfect working condition with a few dents and scratches on the outer body.
  • It is completely safe to buy these refurbished smartphones from a certified reseller.

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    Know more about Refurbished Mobile Phones in USA

    Refurbished Mobile Phones in United States : Refurbished smartphones are becoming quite popular these days as more trusted resellers are emerging in the smartphone market. Here we discuss what are refurbished smartphones and how to buy these to save money buying your dream smartphone at a discounted price.

    When you open your Amazon or Flipkart page, you might find a smartphone listed with a Refurbished tag in its name. If you are wondering what a refurbished phone means, this article will help you understand it better. Refurbished phones are cheaper options for old smartphones that might have some minor physical damage, or maybe the box is opened. When buying them, you may find terms like “renewed,” “pre-owned,” or “reconditioned,” on the buying page. The words are interchangeable and might mean the same most of the time. 

    All these terms actually represent that you are not the original phone owner, and it had previous owners. The owner might have returned it to the store or the network carrier. The phone might not be broken as many buyers return the phone after just unboxing it because they didn’t like the phone. In other cases, the situation can be like where there is some manufacturing defect in the phone, and later it is fixed. Later the phone is then tagged as “refurbished” and sold again for a lower price tag.

    There is also a category with the name “manufacturer refurbished,” which is different from repairs that local repair shops make. This means that the manufacturer repairs the phone with original components and certifies the functioning of the device and renews the device in “like new” conditions, which the original equipment manufacturers do. This is what most people look out for and these refurbished smartphones are preferred by the buyers.

    Buying a refurbished smartphone also makes the environment better. Let’s see how.

    When a smartphone is dismissed once it has some damage it is then thrown into landfills. But instead, if it is refurbished and sold then it has been given a chance to survive. When any smartphone with just a few scratches or dents is being dumped, it has severe adverse effects on the environment. Many smartphones do include plastic parts, and those lithium-ion batteries we all know how hard it is to destroy. So instead it’s better to sell these as refurbished phones, that can be sold in perfectly good condition at a discounted price.

    1. Check for warranty

    Many of the refurbished smartphones carry a warranty with them for a limited time. The warranty is either provided directly from the manufacturer or the reseller platform via which it is being sold. Most of the trusted resellers perform multiple tests and checks to ensure that the smartphone is in perfect working condition.

    Many manufacturers resell the smartphones after being returned from the owners because of some manufacturing defects or other reasons such as logistics issues, damaged boxes, etc. The reseller then fixes the defects and puts them up for sale again. Many resellers buy these smartphones, perform a quality check on them, renew these and sell these on their online/offline stores. This is the best way to buy refurbished phones as manufacturers sell their phones and provide a limited-time warranty. 

    2. Always read documents

    When we buy expensive gadgets, we usually go through all the details before making the final purchase; similarly, this is also important when you’re buying a refurbished phone. So reading the fine print might actually reveal hidden conditions like you can’t return the phone or you won’t receive any refund after returning the device. But that’s not the case if you buy a refurbished smartphone from Livekarts. There is a six-month warranty and you can even return your smartphone in case you are not satisfied with the device.